How to Remove Srch.bar Redirect Virus – Uninstall Srch.bar Pup-up Ads

Usually receive coupons or vouchers when visiting Amazon and Best Buy? Homepage is changed into Srch.bar? If you have no idea, this post can give you what you want and guide to remove Srch.bar.

The Srch.bar is a commercial domain which is supported by adware extension and is deemed as a


How to Uninstall Neon Great Ads – Remove Neon Great Adware

What is Neon Great?

Neon Great (from SuperWeb LLC.) is adware which is advertised in www.Neongreat.info site. This adware is offered to optimize your browsing functions and has a version of BrowseFox adware. However, as times go by, you may be annoyed by this adware, because it can track your personal information such as recent browser history, download logs and IP address. Also, it usually sends a lot of ads pup-ups to your Google or Firefox by JavaScript and ActionScript3.


How to Git Rid of Exciterewards.com Browser Hijacker (a dubious site)?

The Screenshot of Exciterewards.com:

Exciterewards.com is a browser hijacker aiming at making marketing money. For this reason, it usually changes browsers settings. If you are worried by this hijacker now, you may have the following issues:


How to Remove TwitterTime Adware from Your Computer - Fast Removal Methods

The TwitterTime software created by TimeApp Studio Ltd is actually adware. It pretends to a legal application of Twitter, but its digital certification is not real. When your computer is compromised, it will display ads pup-ups on website that you visit. The ads content are usually about coupons and even information relative to what you have searched. Once opening TwitterTime, there are always links for the installation of TweetDeck and Aeries. In addition, it generates other problems as below:

  • Ads banners appear on web pages
  • Unsafe redirects when opening a new tab
  • Some words in a website are equipped with hyperlinks
  • Other adware programs are possibly capable of invading PCs without user’s permission

Moreover, there are similar untrusted apps published by TimeApp Studio Ltd. They are WhatsappTime and DailyBee. We should beware the channels making your computer get infected with these adware such as free download and free video sources. Free software can use bundling to


How to Get Rid of Adware Helpers Adware – Efficient Removal Guide

If you are reading this article, chances that you have been annoyed by Adware Helpers. Then what is it? How to remove it from your computer?

What Is Adware Helpers?

Adware Helpers is identified as adware which aims to send ads messages to browsers by changing your browser settings and putting plugins in your computer via cross site script.

Usually, this adware is distributed on free sharing platform which promotes free downloads, dubious websites and fake ads links. These affiliated programs bundle Adware Helpers, which lets this adware gets on your computer without your permission.


DestinyGaze Pup-ups – How to Remove DestinyGaze Adware Permanently

Know about DestinyGaze Adware

DestinyGaze is promoted as an extension helping you predict your future. Although it shows as a dubious site, it is classified as adware or a wanted program. Once infected, it will interfere with daily browsing behaviors.


How Can I Remove Search.searchsmg.com Hijacker from My Computer?

Search.searchsmg.com is a browser hijacker. You don’t know how it comes in your computer. The time you got a homepage and search engine of Search.searchsmg.com changes your usual Internet habit. Now you read this article, certainly you want to restore your browsers as before. However, Search.searchsmg.com can change the settings that let it automatically turns to the homepage of your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox even if you removing it. It also creates a “virtual layer” sending a lot of advertisements which are embedded the content similar to what you have queried in search box.

How Does Search.searchsmg.com Come in Your Computer?

Security workers found that web users got this hijacker because they play games in Super Mega Gaming. This is a game website which provides application of computer game. Web users who visit